Teen Obsessions – Are they good for you?

25 11 2012

One Direction, Justin Bieber,Josh Hutcherson, the Janoskians, the Jonas Brothers,Cody Simpson, is it good for your teenage girls to be
obsessed with them? Sure, they are role models, are cute, can sing, act or even do silly things (which is what the Janoskians do), but is it healthy to be falling for guys that you haven’t met? Who don’t know that you exist? That you will quite possibly never meet or become friends with? You are probably thinking maybe right now. It is good to have an obsession with someone in a way, but when is it too much?

Your daughters may be fantasizing about a famous celebrity being their
boyfriend, which is fine and harmless, but it could then turn into something
bigger. They could become obsessed with that person so much that their lives
revolve around that one person. If that celebrity gets a girlfriend, they could
send the girlfriend hate messages, or even become extremely depressed, as they
believe that they and that celebrity have a ‘special bond’. When your
daughter starts over obsessing with that celebrity, you may see that she is slowly
not hanging out with her friends as much, wanting to spend time in her room,
watching videos on YouTube of that celebrity or celebrities, if that person has a
book out, then they may spend all their time reading that one book, or sitting in
their room looking at all their posters of them.

If your daughter is at this stage, then try and get her to slowly stop obsessing so
much over these boys, and get her to go outside and hang with her friends, as it is
extremely unhealthy for her to be obsessing over a boy, and maybe she will listen
and start to not always talking about that boy, and obsessing over him. If your
daughter gets to the stage where she still likes that boy, but for his music, for the
films he is in, for the silly things that those boys do, or just because they are cute,
it will be fine, just as long as they don’t go back to being obsessed.

Therefore teen obsessions are healthy until a certain stage – when it becomes the
stage where a girl’s life fully revolves around that celebrity.

By Amelia


Is Sydney as safe as it used to be?

3 06 2011

Is Sydney as safe as it used to be?

Catching a train from Kings Cross at 12:00am after a late night shift, walking home after a quiet dinner with friends at Darling Harbour or simply going for a late night walk around the streets because you can’t sleep – these all used to be completely safe and routine activities for many people living in inner- city Sydney.

Now, many people are scared to catch the train home from work at 9:00pm because of recent reports in the media of violence, particularly in train stations and the areas surrounding them.

In 2011 the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reported that particular streets and areas in Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Newtown, Glebe and the Sydney CBD were hotspots for city violence. The report found that 56.8 per cent of assaults in the city centre were within 50m of a liquor outlet. The BOSCAR report also identified the period between midnight on Saturday to 6am on Sunday as a time when crime peaked, particularly in those areas. It is common knowledge that many people, particularly young adults, enjoy going out for a ‘big night’ with their friends because they usually don’t have to work on Sunday. This would explain the rise in violence on Saturday nights or the early hours of Sunday morning.

The report also showed that personal offences such as assault peak in December and January. This could be because many people are on annual leave at this time so decide to go into the city with a group of friends for the night, or the rise in the number of parties taking place during  Christmas and the summer months.

So what is this doing to the young people of Sydney? Will they even be able to leave the safety of their houses after dark? Will they live in fear?


Ask Abby

3 06 2011


Dear Abby,
My dad got a new job and we have to move to a different state. At first I was really excited about the move, but then I realised that I would have to change schools and leave all my friends behind. I am very shy and I’m worried that I won’t make any friends. I’m scared I’ll get teased about being ‘the new kid’. I don’t know what to do and I really don’t want to move. Help!

From Worried

Dear Worried,

I have had a similar question to this recently. I would advise you to maybe keep quiet the first few days and don’t try to make friends with people who would elevate your status, e.g. the popular group. Make friends with those who make you happy, or make you smile. If you make friends with people who enjoy your company, then I can personally guarantee you that you will not be teased as ‘the new kid’. Moving house is very tough! I have done it too many times and every time I have had to leave friends behind. If you persevere then you will get through it. Try to stay in contact with your old friends as well as making new friends. Don’t give up!




Dear Abby,

My parents never let me go anywhere without them! I’m not allowed to go to the movies or the shops or anywhere with my friends unless my parents are there! It’s really annoying because I want to be able to hang out with my friends on the weekends somewhere other than my house! Whenever I go to friends’ houses, my dad calls up their parents to check that I am actually there! I’m not allowed to go anywhere with boys, even if we are all in a big group and just friends. They don’t trust me at all. What can I do to get them to give me a little freedom?

From Over-protected

Dear Over-protected,

It seems that this is a tough situation that you are in. I would try letting them know how you feel. This may seem stupid, but if they care so much about you, than they will probably listen to you. If this doesn’t work, than you could always scare them! You could tell them that if you aren’t allowed to go out, then you will end up being a lonely, friendless and unemployed person who just sits at home and it will all be their fault! Hope you can resolve this one. Over! (pun intended)


 By Stephanie

Parrot AR.Drone – technology at its best

24 02 2011

 Overall rating: 9/10

This weekend I tested the Parrot AR.Drone, an iPhone controlled Wi-Fi quadricopter. This product has to be the coolest remote controlled device (you can’t really call it a toy) that I have ever seen.

The AR.Drone stands for Augmented Reality Drone. The idea was that you can download an app for your iPhone and play against a virtual enemy in your surroundings. However, the product has turned out to be so awesome by itself that the extras have almost been forgotten.

The Drone has a camera mounted on the front and on the bottom for a bird’s eye view. This video is streamed back to the Free Flight App via the drone’s own wireless network to display a real time video feed. The bottom mounted camera is also used to determine the speed of the drone and it also tracks objects on the ground to enable static flight.

The Drone has an ultrasonic altimeter to allow it to remain at a constant altitude, and also to change altitude regarding the height of terrain. This is especially useful so you don’t run into the side of the mountain.

The Drone includes four brushed (or brushless) motors, two cameras, an ultrasonic altimeter, a three-axis accelerometer, a two axis gyroscope and an extremely accurate yaw axis gyroscope. It runs a modified OS of Linux on a 433MHz processor.

Typical flight time is around 15 minutes of aggressive flying. This means tight banked corners, going extremely fast (around 18km/h) and flying at high altitude. This is commendable, since other helicopters without all this kit have a typical flight time of about 10 minutes per charge. Also keep in mind that the Drone has four rotors and not the traditional two.

In conclusion this is a really cool remote control device. The only thing that I would mark as a downside would be the price, which is quite steep at $380. Other than that though, I would recommend one to anyone who is a remote control enthusiast – like me.


I’m on top of the world!

26 05 2010

The view of the summit is absolutely extraordinary. Hobart and the Derwent River is right below me. I feel like I’m on top of the world. The chilly tops absolutely freeze my spine but the drop to the bottom  blows my mind. I’ve never seen a lookout like this.

 This is the extraordinary Mount Wellington which is located outside Hobart. Up a long windy road is the summit of the mountain. I was lucky enough to experience it in my five day holiday in Hobart. A weather machine, carpark, lookout and an information centre are all the man made structures at the top.  Apart from that, the summit is almost untouched with amazing rock features and fascinating wildlife.

 From the lookout straight ahead is the city of Hobart and the river while to the left and right are the rolling hills surrounding this. Although Hobart is one of the best tourist attractions in Tasmania, it is not  heavily populated which was surprising.

The only problem with such a huge mountain though is that sometimes the view can be blocked by cloud as I found out five years earlier. This time, with no clouds and a wind temperature of  -1 degrees, it is clear and I can see for miles.

 It is an amazing experience. This mountain is definitely one of the best things in Hobart and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit this fascinating and beautiful place.


Adelaide Crows lose again

26 05 2010


The Adelaide Crows slump to their sixth straight at the hands of bitter rivals Port Adelaide Power at AAMI Stadium. The Crows were leading at every change until the Port Adelaide team kicked six unanswered goals in final quarter to win by 23 points. One of the few positives to come from the match for the Crows was Graham Johncock’s return to form with 22 possessions in the Crows disappointing loss.

 Many fans and media alike are putting the blame on Neil Craig and his constant choice of playing the Crows more senior players rather than their young talent.  This  is showing clearly how the Crows are playing  their game in the 2010 season – not their wisest move.

They are regularly leading in the 3rd quarter but they lose the games in the fourth quarter when their more senior players are tired, showing that they are more unfit than the younger ones. To solve this problem I think that Neil Craig should more regularly play his younger and more fit players because this would help the Crows dominate to the final siren with the same intensity that they started the game with. Also the younger players would gain valuable experience from playing with some of the best AFL players in the country.

It seems to me that if the public can work out the issues of this team, so can their coach!


Obsessive to Aggressive

26 05 2010


Although there are thousands of girls out there who claim to be Justin Bieber’s ‘number one  fan’, there is a difference between being in love with someone’s music and totally ‘obsessed’. And when this obsession turns to aggression then you have to think, ‘Why are people getting so enthusiastic over something not worth the effort?’

After Justin Bieber was discovered for his singing on Youtube, his life turned upside down. His singing talent became global after his hit single ‘One Time’ was broadcasted on radio. He released many other songs and soon teens all around the globe were falling in love. But things got out of hand after his recent tour to Australia and New Zealand when fans became impatient waiting for Bieber to arrive.

Teenage obsession has been a major issue over the past few decades. You just have to look at Beatle Mania. Sixteen-year-old Bieber, who attracts a huge number of girls, is always being talked about, rumours hound him and questions are always being asked about his place in the pop world. His size and his age are always an issue and many people are not convinced he is actually 16. Also his high-pitched voice , for a male,  has made many people wonder why girls love him so much. He seems too young to actually know what he singing about. He is trying to sing “adult” songs while looking 12 years old and sounding like a girl.

I believe fans aren’t fussed over his singing much but are really obsessed over his looks. The reason he is so popular is simply because he is supposedly “cute”, and “knows Usher”. Also many girls can relate to him because of his age and he is an idol so they feel the need to worship him regardless. When this leads to some sort of violence I think they are in trouble.

I believe we should stop obsessing over and idolizing ‘fake celebrities’ and look for artists who make music worth listening to. Ideally we should at least be obsessing over something worthwhile if we are going to bother.