Tomorrow When the War Began: Review

3 12 2012

‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ is about a group of teenagers who went camping for fun in the holidays in the Australian Bush. It was supposed to be a great time but it soon turned sour as they realised their country had been taken over by allied forces. They decide that they should fight back because no one else would. ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ is the first book of the series; its duplicate in movie form was released in late 2010. Both the book and the movie show differences in the plot, characters and the setting.

The plot in the movie has changed to the book to better appeal to a wider range of people and to shorten the otherwise lengthy story.
In the movie it has skipped some of the minor details of the story and rushes the rest to satisfy those die hard fans. In a movie form the differences did help the movie to be more commercial but it might he picked up by the fans.

The characters in the movie are well cast and suit the roles of each individual. Each character’s personality was prominent throughout the movie. For example their reaction and emotions when they discovered what had happened.

Similar to the characters, the setting is also true to what is described in the book and pictured in the movie. Like the town and the showground looked realistic and not like the whole thing was made out of a heap of cardboard.

‘Tomorrow When the War’ began is a good example of how a book can be turned into a movie. Though there are some things that have changed it benefits the movie to help it appeal to a larger audience.

By Kaitlin


Book vs. Movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

3 12 2012

Many people for years have thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter novels, by J.K.

Rowling. These 7 books have a huge fan base, which all began in her first novel,

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. With the movie first released in 2001,

critics and fans were both eager to see how the movie stacked up to the highly

regarded novel.

On reading the novel and viewing the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the way in

which David Heyman (producer) and his team presented the novel. The story

line was very similar to that of the book, which in my opinion was a very

positive aspect.

A number of characters in the book were not included in the movies, though.

Characters such as Peeves, Professor Sprout, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy did not

appear, but were not major characters for the plot development.

I liked most of the casting of the characters, especially Hermione Granger

(played by young actress, Emma Watson). Her clever and snooty nature was

perfectly portrayed by Watson. Daniel Radcliffe for the protagonist, Harry

Potter, did surprise me as I had my own personal interpretation from the books.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and recommend it to all Harry Potter fans.

By Alison

Pretty Little Liars TV Show Review

2 12 2012

“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.” Pretty Little Liars is a popular book series that has been turned into an even more popular TV series. It is based around four girls who are all connected by the mysterious disappearance of their friend. Each girl has their own secret, however and the mysterious ‘A’ seems to know them all. The girls are being ‘haunted’ by an unknown stalker who threatens to ruin them.
Usually the book is better than the movie, correct? Not in this series. Whilst the book still has the ability to draw the reader in and create drama and suspense it is nothing compared to the series. Which is no wonder, really, when the TV series has a whole lot of techniques, special effects, music and setting choices at its disposal. Combined with a great director, stunning actors and actresses and a great script we really begin to see the potential.
When comparing the series to the books, you can see that they are quite similar. Rather than deciding to make a movie the company chose to make a TV series, so that they have the advantage of more time and because of this they can include more from the books so no-one is disappointed.
The setting was everything the book said it would be and more. When reading it, the images that came to mind were of the perfect, “Desperate Housewives” style street, complete with manicured lawns and fresh flowers. The TV series ability to suddenly change from a bright and happy street to a dark and scary place to be was definitely better than the book’s ability to do so.
Overall, the book is certainly a great read and impossible to put down, but the TV series is just that bit better. What’s your opinion?

Movie Review- LIMITLESS

3 06 2011

Movie Review- LIMITLESS

Limitless is the kind of movie you don’t want to take a second to blink or you’d miss a key event. The kind of movie you talk with the people you saw it with for hours, understanding each key event. The kind of movie you would want to see again.

Eddie Morra is your average loser – he just lost his girl, his book deal’s about to fall through because he can’t write a word, and he looks like a bum – when he runs into his drug dealing former brother-in law. There’s a new pill in town called NZT-48, and what it does is make you able to access all of your brain instead of 20% of it. It turns out to be super-smart and can have a whole lot of uses around the home. Eddie gets in touch with a woman, gets his book written and gets his flat in order all in one night. It’s no surprise then that he goes searching for more.

If you’re looking for an intense action-thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat, then Limitless is the movie for you.


Tomorrow, When the War Began

24 05 2011

There are those books – yes,
you know the ones. Those books that you just cannot put down. At first you may
think that they are a bit drab and boring, but once you actually open them, you
discover amazing novels beneath the covers. Tomorrow,
When the War Began
by John Marsden is just one of those books.

Set in modern times, the book
follows seven Australian teenagers in their nation’s darkest time, as it is
invaded by a foreign nation. The novel explores the characters’ journeys from
ordinary to extraordinary, as they progress from campers to soldiers, and
children to adults.

The story revolves around seven
friends who decide to go on a camping trip into the Australian wilderness and
are then thrust into a full-scale war. They learn to think maturely, kill and
survive – rebels defending their country in its hour of need.

At times, the book can seem to
be dragging on, but a twist is always around the corner in this heart-pounding
adventure. The world that Marsden produces will immerse whoever reads this book
as the characters are easy to relate. It is chilling to know that something
like this may be just around the corner.

Violent and almost depressing
at times, Tomorrow When the War Began  oozes suspense and excitement from its pages
as you tear through  just to find out
what’s in store for the teenagers. This book is a great, unpredictable and
electrifying read and that is exactly why it was made into an award-winning
movie. I recommended this novel to readers of all ages who enjoy suspense and
action. A great read.


Tomorrow When the War Began

10 05 2011

Tomorrow When the War Began is the first
book in a series that is said to be ‘The best series for Australian teens of
all time’. It is written by John Marsden and is a heart pounding adventure of
seven teenagers who go on a camp during the school holidays. While they are
camping, a foreign country invades Australia and holds all the people of
Wirrawee – the town in which they live – captive.

The story starts off when the main character, Ellie, and her
six friends all go camping in an untouched valley with steep rocky cliffs
surrounding them, aptly named ‘Hell’. While they are sleeping  one night, the sound of fighter jets wakes
them. Thinking nothing of it, they finish their adventure and return home.
However, when they arrive, there is no one there. The rest of the book goes on
to follow the adventures of the seven, and how they try to sabotage the
operations of the invading side using rifles, petrol and matches.

This is the type of book that should come with a warning ‘Do
not read at night unless you are an insomniac’. The book really is that
electrifying. It has the perfect elements of suspense, action, loads of
adventure and a tiny bit of romance. It has received rave reviews from the
critics and is only the starting point of the Tomorrow Series.

There is also a movie of this book that was released in
2010. This movie also received good reviews and has proved to accurately
portray the book. There is also a sequel to the movie planned for release
within the next two years based on the next book in the series, The
Dead of the Night.



29 03 2011

Sailing The Dream is an inspirational book about Mike Perham’s epic Journey around the world in 5 months and 11 days. Mike was told he would not make the journey by many critics but he soon proved himself and did it. Mike and his Yacht ,,   battled 50 knot winds, severe knockdowns and 50ft waves but he powered on. Mike encountered sleepless nights and physical exhaustion but he still won the battle.

The book also explains his first Atlantic crossing with his father in two separate boats at the tender age of 14. Mike also talks about his early life and the stresses and sacrifices for his family and friends. It is a thrilling story for everyone and shows what success your dreams can have  and what is possible if you dare to dream.