Pressure for a Model

3 12 2012

Every photo young teens see of models or celebrities forces them to feel like they need to look and be like them. But what we don’t know is how the models feel when they are on billboards, magazines and front page covers. The comments they receive and the pressure to be that “Girl, everyone dreams of looking like”

Two years ago model Adriana Smith suffered from Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating. It all started from her first photo shoot for Victoria Secret, when she had to model a revealing bikini piece, alongside model Miranda Kerr. She tells of how when she was in the change room she pinched every piece of “fat” on her body and started screaming. But of course there was not a piece of fat insight.

Before every photo shoot Adriana would make her self vomit, and starve for the whole day, and binge when she got home. This happened for over 3 months until Adriana’s body wasn’t functioning properly. Adriana collapsed during a photo shoot and was rushed to hospital; she was admitted for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

Adriana now sees a psychotherapist, she visits the children’s hospitals for kids with illnesses like she used to have . Adriana still does modeling but doesn’t let her self get out of control, she only models for causes she believes in, Adriana is the new cover model for Butterfly Foundation.

“Modeling isn’t about looking fantastic all the time and having the body of a goddess, there are sacrifices and limits” Adriana told us. “but it can also be the most fun and best times of your life”.

Below are resources you can call if you/or a friend is suffering from a eating disorder/anorexia/binge eating/bulimia

Butterfly foundation- 1800 33 4673
EDV- 1300 550 236

By Emma


The Bieber Obsession-Healthy or Not?

2 12 2012

Having an obsession does not physically harm a person. Justin Bieber is the biggest teen heartthrob in the world. He is so incredibly successful and is loved for his beautiful, flawless voice, music and personality.
There is nothing wrong with having an obsession with him because he is a good role model. He is a good, kind and thoughtful Christian person.

Life has not always been good for Justin. He was raised by a single mother who gave birth to him at only 18 years old. His parents separated when he was only a few months old. He lived in a tiny town in Canada and was very poor. So poor that he slept on a sofa bed in public housing. Until he was discovered on YouTube, signed to a record label and moved to the USA.
You are not doing any harm to yourself by having an obsession with Justin Bieber because he inspires people and writes songs that really mean something to him. He doesn’t make music to be successful, he writes music for his fans.

Bieber also encourages people to believe in their dreams because his craziest dreams came true. He writes music to inspire people and wants everyone to believe in their dreams.
“I’m telling you, people. Every day we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Never say never.” –Justin Bieber.

Bieber is a Christian and he does not write songs with raunchy lyrics or to encourage alcohol or partying. Justin Bieber is a good role model and every teenager with dreams should look up to him, because he never thought putting a few videos of him singing on YouTube would make him famous and loved by millions of fans who believe in him and support him.
“Haters will say what they want, but their hate will never stop you from chasing your dream” ― Justin Bieber

By Alexandra

Are teenagers too caught up in their celebrity obsessions?

2 12 2012

Teenage obsessions over celebrities have been a normal part of growing up, particularly with girls. But are these little teenage obsessions of our generation becoming something that everyone is getting too caught up in?

Recently, we had Justin Bieber come to Sydney for a three-night stay from July 15th to July 18th. He was a special guest on the most popular morning news show, Sunrise. That morning, fans from all over the country lined up for 20 hours straight, and numerous of fans had to be helped away by security. It even included of some fans being admitted into hospital. It was such mayhem that they had 35 security guards, 30 police and 8 first aid officers. 60,000 people applied for a ticket to see Justin Bieber perform three songs. Child psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack said “Remember when Justin Bieber was on Sunrise? It was really dangerous, kids got trampled in the crowd”.

Teenage obsessions over celebrities are becoming very unhealthily. Crying, fainting and staying up at all hours trying to spot their celebrity obsessions is becoming very popular reactions to hearing about their celebrity obsession. Some teens will sit on their computer all weekend checking up on their Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, to see if their celebrity obsession has tweeted back or accepted their friend request. It is getting out of hand.

Many teens’ lives are becoming based on celebrity happenings. Are they too bored in their own life that they become obsessed with celebrities? Or is it a conversation starter because every teen has their celebrity obsession, as it is a passing fad? News on celebrities is everywhere, we see them on the television, newspapers, magazines, and every form of media includes them, triggering many to idolize them.

Justin Glennon, a senior in High School said, “People shouldn’t focus on following someone’s every move, it should be about living your own life”. Whatever the trigger is for teenagers to become so obsessed with their celebrity obsessions and crushes, they need to be less recognized so that teenagers start to get more involved in their reality instead of getting too caught up in the gossip of their celebrity obsessions lives.

Horrible Homework?

2 12 2012

Homework is always made out to be the worst part of school. It is the worst memory when you think back to school. But is homework now days increasing to a ridiculous level? In a recent interview, Jasmine in year 7 shared her opinions on homework and shares what students of our decade think of homework. Jasmine was asked a few questions on the topic of homework, her answers are not surprising for a 12-year-old girl.

When asked about the options of having or not having homework, Jasmine answered like any other student would answer.
“I would definitely choose to have homework”, Jasmine said with sarcasm. Jasmine talked about definitely not having homework because she said that you need those lazy afternoons to recap and socialize with your neighbours and family. Although, Jasmine also had a reasonable twist to her answer, “I do think though that unfinished class work should be done at home as it shows that you were obviously not working hard enough that lesson”. This is a very fair perspective of homework that most people would relate to.

This then brought up the big question about the benefits, if any, of homework to children such as Jasmine.
Jasmine was very firm and knew what her opinion was on this topic. As any child of her age would say, “To be honest I really don’t think homework benefits our learning. All we achieve with our homework is frustration and a brain overload”. This is not a surprise as everyone remembers homework as a pain and a memory that should be forgotten forever. Jasmine also brought up the point throughout this question which was that sometimes, she has barley any time to spend with the family as she is in her room the whole night finishing off her homework.

When asked the question of whether homework is fair or not Jasmine answered with a “NO!” Her answer was very reasonable and would give a lot of teachers something to think about. Jasmine exclaimed that teachers don’t realize that students take other classes not just theirs. “Teachers give us a reasonable amount of homework for that class, but they forget about how many other classes we have that also give what they think is a reasonable amount of homework”. There is no doubt about it – every student her age would agree with this argument.

Jasmine then explained that the majority of her grade would agree with her about homework, but there are some students that appreciate being given homework as an extra time to study and get what they have learned stuck right into their brains. Although, it seems most students are fed up by the end of the day. But as Jasmine said, “If we had a grade vote, of course homework would be voted as a big no”.

By Chloe

Australia’s Got Viewers?

26 11 2012

The public display of one’s talent is important in the process of becoming who you are. Competitive shows, which air right across the country give ordinary people a chance to improve their skills and talents while also coping with the ongoing pressure that comes with fame. It is a great way to start a career as it provides the contestant with experience and knowledge on how to deal with cameras and paparazzi as well as the many rumours that circulate around the media.
Statistics have shown that rising stars who begin on competitive shows are 27% less likely to suffer from stress and emotional issues as those who rose to fame on their own. Psychologist Ian Somers explains, ‘a star has to cope with many issues in their everyday life on their own which often come emotional and physical consequences. Through competitive TV shows, they are able to slowly progress through the rise of fame, gradually dealing with media and fan base while being guided by experienced mentors. This provides them with the experience and support they need to keep a stabilised mental health status. ’
Not only do shows like this benefit the people involved, they also provide a great source of inspiration for viewer’s right across the world. Master Chef has a diverse fan base, which includes young children who are inspired to learn how to cook and create. This skill is essential in life and learning at an early age with greatly enhance the child’s abilities as they progress through life. Shows like X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent also offer encouragement to the younger and even older generations, to strive for their goal because anything is possible.
Television shows have such a big impact on society so it is only right to be portraying a positive image and promoting self-confidence and belief. Both of these aspects are positively publicized through the use of reality and competitive television shows. From these shows come inspiring stories and positive people which allow the world to see the real them and understand real life struggles that come with growing up and living life. The Biggest Loser is a great example of a positive influence. It inspires and creates opportunities for everyday people to get into shape and improve their lifestyle. This has a good feel to it and is truly inspirational to all members of the public.
In a survey conducted by our researchers at The Shore shows that 79% of people prefer television competition shows to soap operas and other genres. When asked their reasons, the common response was simply that it was much more relatable. These types of programs promote real people and real talents instead of the usual dramatic scene that is common in television shows. Most of these programs are audience based, allowing viewers to state their opinion and have their say. This gives them a sense of power as they are able to express.
Competitive television shows have a clear impact on the audience and should continue to promote the use of real people and real talents for entertainment.

By Ella


3 06 2011

Jordan was the sort of person who either sat at home in his pyjamas and watched television, neglecting his HSC papers and his homework, or was out at a local party, returning home at five in the morning or just not coming home at all. He was the sort of trouble maker no teacher wants in their class. The one in the back corner, leaning on his chair, not wearing school uniform, hair reflecting a mop and ignoring anything to do with getting an education.  The one who on graduation day receives only one certificate, bearing three very descriptive words: “Worst Uniform Ever.” Jordan had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and no clue what direction he was heading, and he didn’t care.                  

Until he met Maddie…

Maddie was the sort of girl who was happy and always thankful for what she had. She was easy -going and loved to hang with her family. She was smart and pretty and accepting; always saw the best of people. She tried hard at school to get a good score and knew that she wanted to go to university to study and get a degree. She was the total opposite of Jordan, but they clicked.

Three months later Maddie, her family, Jordan’s family and friends all sat down at Kapooka Show Grounds and waited for their first glimpse of Jordan in three months. They waited for half an hour. Suddenly they saw the tip of a gun in the horizon, then a head and then a full body. One after another the other men in Jordan’s squad all marched out from the horizon and onto the show ground. Squad of 2011 had finally made their marching out from Kapooka. Three boys had left because it had been so hard. The rest had been broken down and returned as men who held their heads high and were proud of who they had become.

In two day they would all go their separate ways. Some would go to Afghanistan, some would go to another military base and others would be sent to help out victims of natural disasters that had recently occurred around  the world. Jordan would be going to Sydney to a local military base to study and get a degree in business . Each weekend he would visit his new girlfriend Maddie and his family.

Jordan has influenced me and taught me to never give up and always try hard. Even when it looked like he would just throw away his life, he stood up and marched on. Jordan is my brother and I am so proud of him. I look up to him. I love him.



Public transport sucks

13 05 2011

a student, I know firsthand how bad the public transport system in Sydney is.
Starting my day at 6am and usually getting home at 5pm, I am exposed to the
horrible timing and poor level of organisation of buses that the New South
Wales government is providing commuters. Trains, buses, trams, ferries, any
kind of public transport in Sydney, are all late and poorly run. Why can’t we
be like some other places around the world? I mean, in Japan a train is
considered late if it is 6 seconds behind schedule! Why can’t we have a public
transport system like that? We elect Governments that promise to correct these
things, but these are just words. All that ever happens is that a pointless
bypass or tunnel is built way over the state budget and is never used. Get your
act together, Barry.