Tomorrow When the War Began: Review

3 12 2012

‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ is about a group of teenagers who went camping for fun in the holidays in the Australian Bush. It was supposed to be a great time but it soon turned sour as they realised their country had been taken over by allied forces. They decide that they should fight back because no one else would. ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ is the first book of the series; its duplicate in movie form was released in late 2010. Both the book and the movie show differences in the plot, characters and the setting.

The plot in the movie has changed to the book to better appeal to a wider range of people and to shorten the otherwise lengthy story.
In the movie it has skipped some of the minor details of the story and rushes the rest to satisfy those die hard fans. In a movie form the differences did help the movie to be more commercial but it might he picked up by the fans.

The characters in the movie are well cast and suit the roles of each individual. Each character’s personality was prominent throughout the movie. For example their reaction and emotions when they discovered what had happened.

Similar to the characters, the setting is also true to what is described in the book and pictured in the movie. Like the town and the showground looked realistic and not like the whole thing was made out of a heap of cardboard.

‘Tomorrow When the War’ began is a good example of how a book can be turned into a movie. Though there are some things that have changed it benefits the movie to help it appeal to a larger audience.

By Kaitlin




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