Private Schools – the more you pay, the less you get

3 12 2012

It seems that private schools not only leave you with less money in the bank, they leave you with less knowledge of homework given, less school days and less teacher-student teaching. So why do parents pay so much for private schooling and in return the computers do all the teaching?
“My children are getting somewhat of a good education. Technology is a helpful tool though technology alone is cold,” explained one parent in a recent interview. “I fail to see why private school students require more holidays then public school students.”
Why is it that private schools students have nine week terms and a free day at the beginning and end of every term? Private school parents pay for the education their children receive, but why is it that they have less schooling and never seem to do homework?
“I would like to be aware of the homework given to my children, rather than having to dig through layers of technology to find the assigned homework buried on the schools website,” explained the parent.
It seems that the more you pay, the slacker the schools become on providing the parents with information on the homework given. If you’re not paying for your children’s education, what are you paying for? The teacher’s salary? The buildings? The canteen food? Probably all of these. Although teachers may be giving homework, students don’t usually go home and say to their parents: I have homework for this subject, this subject and this is what I have to do. “Parents should be sent a notification or email when homework has been set for their child in a particular class, what it is and when it is due.” He could be right on the mark with this proposal, but would it help?
Technology is becoming a big part of today’s culture and school life, but is there a limit? Students are using technology for their social networking purposes, as well as for every class in school, and now at home for homework. So is there a time when it all becomes too much? It may be a bit old fashioned, but surely students would work much better with the care and teaching from actual teachers, rather than computer screens and the Internet.
By Karynn




2 responses

3 12 2012

I really enjoyed this article! It is really well written and interesting. Its really true and I liked how you asked the reader questions. Well done 🙂

3 12 2012

I agree that more expensive schools do seem to rely on technology to teach students – but I still think that private schools deserve more holidays!

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