Pressure for a Model

3 12 2012

Every photo young teens see of models or celebrities forces them to feel like they need to look and be like them. But what we don’t know is how the models feel when they are on billboards, magazines and front page covers. The comments they receive and the pressure to be that “Girl, everyone dreams of looking like”

Two years ago model Adriana Smith suffered from Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating. It all started from her first photo shoot for Victoria Secret, when she had to model a revealing bikini piece, alongside model Miranda Kerr. She tells of how when she was in the change room she pinched every piece of “fat” on her body and started screaming. But of course there was not a piece of fat insight.

Before every photo shoot Adriana would make her self vomit, and starve for the whole day, and binge when she got home. This happened for over 3 months until Adriana’s body wasn’t functioning properly. Adriana collapsed during a photo shoot and was rushed to hospital; she was admitted for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

Adriana now sees a psychotherapist, she visits the children’s hospitals for kids with illnesses like she used to have . Adriana still does modeling but doesn’t let her self get out of control, she only models for causes she believes in, Adriana is the new cover model for Butterfly Foundation.

“Modeling isn’t about looking fantastic all the time and having the body of a goddess, there are sacrifices and limits” Adriana told us. “but it can also be the most fun and best times of your life”.

Below are resources you can call if you/or a friend is suffering from a eating disorder/anorexia/binge eating/bulimia

Butterfly foundation- 1800 33 4673
EDV- 1300 550 236

By Emma




2 responses

3 12 2012

Good article, it was really interesting and had lots of information. I liked how you used a specific person and shared her story. Well done 🙂

3 12 2012

emma! YOUR THE BEST! love ya

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