3 12 2012

There have been many predictions of the end of the world (1988, 1992, 2000) and clearly, none of these dates have proven to be correct. However, 2012 is believed to be a definite end to our Earth. Wise men, fortune tellers, scientists etc. have preached this news due to the Mayan calendar finishing one of its great cycles on the 21st December, 2012 at the exact time of 11:11. On this date, it is alarming news that everything will be completely wiped out including the existence of the human race.

The end of the world will come in a series of cataclysmic events throughout the world. Unstoppable natural disasters such as Floods, tsunamis, bushfires, cyclones, unbelievably strong winds and unknown others will wipe out our Earth on the dreaded date arising quickly in December this year.

Unlike the other predicted dates, there are more precise answers as to why the end of the world will occur on the 21st December 2012. This date marks the conclusion of a b’ak’tun time period in the Mesoamerican Long count calendar which was used and associated with the Maya civilisation becoming known as the Mayan Calendar. This written and inscribed material of the long count calendar has survived from before the European conquest. This long count calendar was linear rather than cyclical and was kept roughly in units of 20 days made a unial, 18 unials (360 days) made a tun, 20 tuns made a k’atun and 20 k’atuns (144,000 days) made up a b’ak’tun. Therefore, bringing the end of the world to 21st December 2012.

This phenomenon has spread throughout the world, through the media, campaigns, public talk etc. More than 50,000 questions since 2007 have been posted on different websites asking about this date of the end of the world, they wonder whether they should kill themselves and children before this date comes to kill them. This spreading news has so far caused one suicide due to the fear of the world ending in the 2012 apocalypse.

However, amongst all the believers that are certain the world will end this year, there are millions of people that are not persuaded by the idea. These people plan to continue their everyday lives and not prepare at all for the date. On the other hand, the people that are ready for it are going out and making reckless decisions, spending all their money and some even achieving their bucket lists!! This group of people are constructing bunkers underground, in hope that they’ll survive.

No-one knows for sure if anything can save us, no-one knows for sure if this date will be another false prediction, but we can only prepare and wait for this date; 21st December 2012.

News Report By Jaz & Chloe




2 responses

3 12 2012

Really good article. It had lots of facts and proof, and I enjoyed reading it. Good job 🙂

3 12 2012

I love the creativity of this article, the topic thats been on alot of peoples minds, and i like how youve used alot of real facts and points. Well done guys!

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