Should the watermelon be renamed?

2 12 2012

The watermelon; a large, round, pink fruit. Yes PINK fruit, yet its name is the WATERmelon. Water is clear, not orange or purple or PINK! This name, ‘watermelon’ gives a completely wrong perception of the fruit. People would imagine a clear fruit or even a blue fruit because of the colour of the sea. This is not what they get; they get a sphere with an outer shell of green and an inside of pink! Ridiculous! The colour of a fruit can very much determine if a person will buy or eat it.
Imagine walking around in a store one day – looking for some fruit to eat. You read the name, “Watermelon.” You think it sounds interesting. A clear fruit! You think, How odd – I might just buy it to experience eating a nearly invisible fruit! But little did you know when you arrived home, all excited to eat your invisible fruit; you slice it open and find that it is not clear. It was not clear at all! It was PINK! Can you imagine the disappointment you would feel?
Enough on colour, there are plenty of other reasons why the watermelon should be renamed. What about its taste? It’s full of sugar – completely different to water. Water is a plain taste, a taste you can’t even really taste. A taste that can in no way be even remotely related to that of the watermelon.
Why on earth was it named the watermelon in the first place? It’s juicy enough to be called a juice-melon, and sweet enough to be called a sweet-melon! So why a WATERmelon? The person who thought up the name must be very odd, thinking up a name so utterly different from the actual fruit! The watermelon should not have ever been called the watermelon.

By Anette




4 responses

3 12 2012

This is really funny and interesting! I enjoyed reading it and it is a very different article. I have no negative comments… Its really good 🙂

3 12 2012

I love this article! Its a pretty plain topic, although quite fun, and you have made it really interesting! I really enjoyed reading it!

3 12 2012

This is funny and true! Why was it called the watermelon? I think it is something that no one will truly ever understand… all in all it was good! 😀

3 12 2012

I like watermelons

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