Should teacher’s salary be dependent on the success of the students?

2 12 2012

Some people might say no. They could say that for any other profession the pay does not drop just because of a client’s welfare. This is protected by law. This is true but is their client a child that has their whole life ahead of them? A child that is not old enough to decide if they should be educated? A child that will one day rely on his school results in order to choose the right career for themselves?
People could say that it is not the teachers fault if a student does not want to learn. It is the opposite. It is entirely the teachers fault if the student acts up and does not get the results they can. A teacher should make the class fun and engaging for the students. They should have learnt how to deal with the age groups and be able to keep them focussed. It is their job. Teachers are not employed to stand up the front of a classroom and talk for an hour and fifteen minutes, or to hand out worksheets. Teachers are employed to teach their students and when a student does not get the results, the teacher obviously did not do their job properly. People put it on the students to give it their best and learn. This is rubbish because most children do not want to learn. They are forced to come to school most days; whereas teachers are not. Yes it is their job which they are required to attend; but it is also their job that they chose to do. They brought it on themselves. If they did not want to put in 100% they should have chosen a different career.
The Board of Education are already discussing the idea of teacher’s salaries being dependant on student’s results. 60% of parents are supporting the idea, saying, “We need to upgrade the quality of our educators. Dependant salaries will make them work harder.” The board is appalled at the lack of effort put in to help each individual student. We all have different ways of learning, some are visual and some learn by putting things into action. Teachers are failing to incorporate the different styles of learning into their lesson plans.
Teachers should also make an effort to relate to their students. Some say, “How can we? We are adults and they are children.” This is preposterous! It all comes down to their choice of job. A teacher MUST be able to relate to their students. They may be adults but they were kids once. Times have changed, teachers no longer should be these hard, strict educators, but should be compassionate mentors. Teacher’s salaries should be dependent on the success of the student because it will increase the quality of learning in youth.
By Anette




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3 12 2012

Good article 🙂 It was interesting and had some good facts and stats… Well done 🙂

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