Pretty Little Liars TV Show Review

2 12 2012

“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.” Pretty Little Liars is a popular book series that has been turned into an even more popular TV series. It is based around four girls who are all connected by the mysterious disappearance of their friend. Each girl has their own secret, however and the mysterious ‘A’ seems to know them all. The girls are being ‘haunted’ by an unknown stalker who threatens to ruin them.
Usually the book is better than the movie, correct? Not in this series. Whilst the book still has the ability to draw the reader in and create drama and suspense it is nothing compared to the series. Which is no wonder, really, when the TV series has a whole lot of techniques, special effects, music and setting choices at its disposal. Combined with a great director, stunning actors and actresses and a great script we really begin to see the potential.
When comparing the series to the books, you can see that they are quite similar. Rather than deciding to make a movie the company chose to make a TV series, so that they have the advantage of more time and because of this they can include more from the books so no-one is disappointed.
The setting was everything the book said it would be and more. When reading it, the images that came to mind were of the perfect, “Desperate Housewives” style street, complete with manicured lawns and fresh flowers. The TV series ability to suddenly change from a bright and happy street to a dark and scary place to be was definitely better than the book’s ability to do so.
Overall, the book is certainly a great read and impossible to put down, but the TV series is just that bit better. What’s your opinion?




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