How to Cope with High School

2 12 2012

There is a lot to cope with in high school. Homework gets harder and is given more often. You get busier and busier and the workload is piled so high that you can’t even see what’s in front of you. To top it all off the punishment for incomplete homework is detention. Fun, right?
In order to get some information about how students cope with the workload in high school an interview was conducted with a Year 9 student. Jess was certainly feeling the strain of the heavy workload and the number of assignments all due in the same week. ‘I thought there would be less work. In Year 8 we didn’t have that much and I was definitely not expecting the amount of work we have this year. Now I’m worried for Year 10 – I mean what’s that going to be like?’ I’m sure this is the same for many other Year 9 students. The sudden increase of work was a shock to Jess and she has had to find a way of coping.
‘You have to get into the habit of being organised. That is the number one thing!’ Jess made her point clear with this statement. Organisation is key. Luckily many high schools provide students with diaries so they can track when their homework is due and put it in order of priority. Jess also makes the statement that there are other things that you can use to keep organised too, but the way you organise your work is completely up to you. However, there are consequences of not being organised. ‘I was not, and am still not organised and it was really hard.’
A great way to make sure that you do your homework is to reward yourself for doing it. If your favourite thing to do is walk your dog then take him for a walk as soon as you have done your homework. ‘It’s a big motivation…’ Having something to look forward to after you have done your homework is great and Jess agrees. ‘It’s good to have some time to do what I want to do.’ Jess has pointed out that having the right frame of mind can make all the difference. So if you forget your homework, instead of stressing about your detention, remember to ask; what’s the worst thing that can possibly happen?

By Chloe




One response

3 12 2012

this is really good and interesting, and it tells me ways of being organised and that i should reward myself with something i like doing after my homework

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