Horrible Homework?

2 12 2012

Homework is always made out to be the worst part of school. It is the worst memory when you think back to school. But is homework now days increasing to a ridiculous level? In a recent interview, Jasmine in year 7 shared her opinions on homework and shares what students of our decade think of homework. Jasmine was asked a few questions on the topic of homework, her answers are not surprising for a 12-year-old girl.

When asked about the options of having or not having homework, Jasmine answered like any other student would answer.
“I would definitely choose to have homework”, Jasmine said with sarcasm. Jasmine talked about definitely not having homework because she said that you need those lazy afternoons to recap and socialize with your neighbours and family. Although, Jasmine also had a reasonable twist to her answer, “I do think though that unfinished class work should be done at home as it shows that you were obviously not working hard enough that lesson”. This is a very fair perspective of homework that most people would relate to.

This then brought up the big question about the benefits, if any, of homework to children such as Jasmine.
Jasmine was very firm and knew what her opinion was on this topic. As any child of her age would say, “To be honest I really don’t think homework benefits our learning. All we achieve with our homework is frustration and a brain overload”. This is not a surprise as everyone remembers homework as a pain and a memory that should be forgotten forever. Jasmine also brought up the point throughout this question which was that sometimes, she has barley any time to spend with the family as she is in her room the whole night finishing off her homework.

When asked the question of whether homework is fair or not Jasmine answered with a “NO!” Her answer was very reasonable and would give a lot of teachers something to think about. Jasmine exclaimed that teachers don’t realize that students take other classes not just theirs. “Teachers give us a reasonable amount of homework for that class, but they forget about how many other classes we have that also give what they think is a reasonable amount of homework”. There is no doubt about it – every student her age would agree with this argument.

Jasmine then explained that the majority of her grade would agree with her about homework, but there are some students that appreciate being given homework as an extra time to study and get what they have learned stuck right into their brains. Although, it seems most students are fed up by the end of the day. But as Jasmine said, “If we had a grade vote, of course homework would be voted as a big no”.

By Chloe




2 responses

3 12 2012

Well done 🙂 This is really well written and interesting. I enjoyed reading it and I could easily know what your opinion was. Good job 🙂

3 12 2012

Yeah Chloe !! 🙂

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