Are teenagers too caught up in their celebrity obsessions?

2 12 2012

Teenage obsessions over celebrities have been a normal part of growing up, particularly with girls. But are these little teenage obsessions of our generation becoming something that everyone is getting too caught up in?

Recently, we had Justin Bieber come to Sydney for a three-night stay from July 15th to July 18th. He was a special guest on the most popular morning news show, Sunrise. That morning, fans from all over the country lined up for 20 hours straight, and numerous of fans had to be helped away by security. It even included of some fans being admitted into hospital. It was such mayhem that they had 35 security guards, 30 police and 8 first aid officers. 60,000 people applied for a ticket to see Justin Bieber perform three songs. Child psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack said “Remember when Justin Bieber was on Sunrise? It was really dangerous, kids got trampled in the crowd”.

Teenage obsessions over celebrities are becoming very unhealthily. Crying, fainting and staying up at all hours trying to spot their celebrity obsessions is becoming very popular reactions to hearing about their celebrity obsession. Some teens will sit on their computer all weekend checking up on their Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, to see if their celebrity obsession has tweeted back or accepted their friend request. It is getting out of hand.

Many teens’ lives are becoming based on celebrity happenings. Are they too bored in their own life that they become obsessed with celebrities? Or is it a conversation starter because every teen has their celebrity obsession, as it is a passing fad? News on celebrities is everywhere, we see them on the television, newspapers, magazines, and every form of media includes them, triggering many to idolize them.

Justin Glennon, a senior in High School said, “People shouldn’t focus on following someone’s every move, it should be about living your own life”. Whatever the trigger is for teenagers to become so obsessed with their celebrity obsessions and crushes, they need to be less recognized so that teenagers start to get more involved in their reality instead of getting too caught up in the gossip of their celebrity obsessions lives.




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3 12 2012

Good article 🙂 It was interesting and had some good quotes and lots of detailed information… I didn’t really see your opinion or the point you were trying to make though, maybe you could of put a quote from a teenage girl with an obsession, talking about why she is so obsessed… But it is a really good article. Good job 🙂

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