The mopey friend who needs to finds something else to do!

26 11 2012

Don’t you hate it when you come to school on a Monday morning and you sit
down on the bus next to your friend? You ask ‘So, how was you weekend?’
They slowly lift their head to make eye contact with you. They take a breath,
and out pours the whole of the world’s problems all over you. ‘I’m so tired, my
life is so hard, there’s so much work’, blah blah blah!
Finally after what feels like a good hour of complaining they pause, and stop
to ask. ‘Anyway, how was you weekend?’ All you can pretty much manage
to say is good, because you feel brain washed by all the negative things
that have been loaded into your head! Now I wonder why everyone HATES
What’s even worse than that is when they divert the conversation back to
them and ask you for advice. Are you kidding me! All I want to say is go find
something else to do! Go find something else to do than staying up late until
you cant keep your eyes open, and then plonking yourself in front of the TV
or computer for the majority of the day! I don’t care; all I wanted was a short
answer so I could just say hi. Not a description of your boringly negative day
Some times that gets me so mad that I just feel like getting up and leaving
and sitting next to the girl who would rather sit there and say nothing!
Even worse still is when you’re other friend get on the bus and asks ‘So, how
was your weekend?’ Great. Here we go again, and all you can do is slouch in
your chair and make your self-comfortable for the rest of the ride. Being the
good friend that you are you don’t say anything, and prepare to brace yourself
for another year of mopey Mondays.

By Kaitlin




One response

3 12 2012

everyone hates mondays hahahaha SO RELEVANT!

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