Australia’s Got Viewers?

26 11 2012

The public display of one’s talent is important in the process of becoming who you are. Competitive shows, which air right across the country give ordinary people a chance to improve their skills and talents while also coping with the ongoing pressure that comes with fame. It is a great way to start a career as it provides the contestant with experience and knowledge on how to deal with cameras and paparazzi as well as the many rumours that circulate around the media.
Statistics have shown that rising stars who begin on competitive shows are 27% less likely to suffer from stress and emotional issues as those who rose to fame on their own. Psychologist Ian Somers explains, ‘a star has to cope with many issues in their everyday life on their own which often come emotional and physical consequences. Through competitive TV shows, they are able to slowly progress through the rise of fame, gradually dealing with media and fan base while being guided by experienced mentors. This provides them with the experience and support they need to keep a stabilised mental health status. ’
Not only do shows like this benefit the people involved, they also provide a great source of inspiration for viewer’s right across the world. Master Chef has a diverse fan base, which includes young children who are inspired to learn how to cook and create. This skill is essential in life and learning at an early age with greatly enhance the child’s abilities as they progress through life. Shows like X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent also offer encouragement to the younger and even older generations, to strive for their goal because anything is possible.
Television shows have such a big impact on society so it is only right to be portraying a positive image and promoting self-confidence and belief. Both of these aspects are positively publicized through the use of reality and competitive television shows. From these shows come inspiring stories and positive people which allow the world to see the real them and understand real life struggles that come with growing up and living life. The Biggest Loser is a great example of a positive influence. It inspires and creates opportunities for everyday people to get into shape and improve their lifestyle. This has a good feel to it and is truly inspirational to all members of the public.
In a survey conducted by our researchers at The Shore shows that 79% of people prefer television competition shows to soap operas and other genres. When asked their reasons, the common response was simply that it was much more relatable. These types of programs promote real people and real talents instead of the usual dramatic scene that is common in television shows. Most of these programs are audience based, allowing viewers to state their opinion and have their say. This gives them a sense of power as they are able to express.
Competitive television shows have a clear impact on the audience and should continue to promote the use of real people and real talents for entertainment.

By Ella




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