Teen Obsessions – Are they good for you?

25 11 2012

One Direction, Justin Bieber,Josh Hutcherson, the Janoskians, the Jonas Brothers,Cody Simpson, is it good for your teenage girls to be
obsessed with them? Sure, they are role models, are cute, can sing, act or even do silly things (which is what the Janoskians do), but is it healthy to be falling for guys that you haven’t met? Who don’t know that you exist? That you will quite possibly never meet or become friends with? You are probably thinking maybe right now. It is good to have an obsession with someone in a way, but when is it too much?

Your daughters may be fantasizing about a famous celebrity being their
boyfriend, which is fine and harmless, but it could then turn into something
bigger. They could become obsessed with that person so much that their lives
revolve around that one person. If that celebrity gets a girlfriend, they could
send the girlfriend hate messages, or even become extremely depressed, as they
believe that they and that celebrity have a ‘special bond’. When your
daughter starts over obsessing with that celebrity, you may see that she is slowly
not hanging out with her friends as much, wanting to spend time in her room,
watching videos on YouTube of that celebrity or celebrities, if that person has a
book out, then they may spend all their time reading that one book, or sitting in
their room looking at all their posters of them.

If your daughter is at this stage, then try and get her to slowly stop obsessing so
much over these boys, and get her to go outside and hang with her friends, as it is
extremely unhealthy for her to be obsessing over a boy, and maybe she will listen
and start to not always talking about that boy, and obsessing over him. If your
daughter gets to the stage where she still likes that boy, but for his music, for the
films he is in, for the silly things that those boys do, or just because they are cute,
it will be fine, just as long as they don’t go back to being obsessed.

Therefore teen obsessions are healthy until a certain stage – when it becomes the
stage where a girl’s life fully revolves around that celebrity.

By Amelia




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