My mum J

3 06 2011


Despite the many obstacles and family issues that have occurred within our family during the past 5 years, my mum has stayed strong and held our family together the whole time. Being exposed to such drama and chaos while growing up just makes me stronger as a person in terms of whom to trust and what to believe. She constantly reminds me that the continuance of tragedies that occur just make us close together as a family. Considering our situation she has been such an inspiration and motivation. Things are starting to change for us in a positive way, and things are starting to look up. Not only does she inspire me, but my friends and family look up to her as well. She’s an amazing role model. No matter what the issue, situation or problem, I know I can always count on her for guidance and reassurance. I love my mum !

My mum, my inspiration, my best friend.






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