3 06 2011

Jordan was the sort of person who either sat at home in his pyjamas and watched television, neglecting his HSC papers and his homework, or was out at a local party, returning home at five in the morning or just not coming home at all. He was the sort of trouble maker no teacher wants in their class. The one in the back corner, leaning on his chair, not wearing school uniform, hair reflecting a mop and ignoring anything to do with getting an education.  The one who on graduation day receives only one certificate, bearing three very descriptive words: “Worst Uniform Ever.” Jordan had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and no clue what direction he was heading, and he didn’t care.                  

Until he met Maddie…

Maddie was the sort of girl who was happy and always thankful for what she had. She was easy -going and loved to hang with her family. She was smart and pretty and accepting; always saw the best of people. She tried hard at school to get a good score and knew that she wanted to go to university to study and get a degree. She was the total opposite of Jordan, but they clicked.

Three months later Maddie, her family, Jordan’s family and friends all sat down at Kapooka Show Grounds and waited for their first glimpse of Jordan in three months. They waited for half an hour. Suddenly they saw the tip of a gun in the horizon, then a head and then a full body. One after another the other men in Jordan’s squad all marched out from the horizon and onto the show ground. Squad of 2011 had finally made their marching out from Kapooka. Three boys had left because it had been so hard. The rest had been broken down and returned as men who held their heads high and were proud of who they had become.

In two day they would all go their separate ways. Some would go to Afghanistan, some would go to another military base and others would be sent to help out victims of natural disasters that had recently occurred around  the world. Jordan would be going to Sydney to a local military base to study and get a degree in business . Each weekend he would visit his new girlfriend Maddie and his family.

Jordan has influenced me and taught me to never give up and always try hard. Even when it looked like he would just throw away his life, he stood up and marched on. Jordan is my brother and I am so proud of him. I look up to him. I love him.






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3 06 2011

Great article, very inspirational.

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