Is Sydney as safe as it used to be?

3 06 2011

Is Sydney as safe as it used to be?

Catching a train from Kings Cross at 12:00am after a late night shift, walking home after a quiet dinner with friends at Darling Harbour or simply going for a late night walk around the streets because you can’t sleep – these all used to be completely safe and routine activities for many people living in inner- city Sydney.

Now, many people are scared to catch the train home from work at 9:00pm because of recent reports in the media of violence, particularly in train stations and the areas surrounding them.

In 2011 the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reported that particular streets and areas in Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Newtown, Glebe and the Sydney CBD were hotspots for city violence. The report found that 56.8 per cent of assaults in the city centre were within 50m of a liquor outlet. The BOSCAR report also identified the period between midnight on Saturday to 6am on Sunday as a time when crime peaked, particularly in those areas. It is common knowledge that many people, particularly young adults, enjoy going out for a ‘big night’ with their friends because they usually don’t have to work on Sunday. This would explain the rise in violence on Saturday nights or the early hours of Sunday morning.

The report also showed that personal offences such as assault peak in December and January. This could be because many people are on annual leave at this time so decide to go into the city with a group of friends for the night, or the rise in the number of parties taking place during  Christmas and the summer months.

So what is this doing to the young people of Sydney? Will they even be able to leave the safety of their houses after dark? Will they live in fear?





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