Ask Abby

3 06 2011


Dear Abby,
My dad got a new job and we have to move to a different state. At first I was really excited about the move, but then I realised that I would have to change schools and leave all my friends behind. I am very shy and I’m worried that I won’t make any friends. I’m scared I’ll get teased about being ‘the new kid’. I don’t know what to do and I really don’t want to move. Help!

From Worried

Dear Worried,

I have had a similar question to this recently. I would advise you to maybe keep quiet the first few days and don’t try to make friends with people who would elevate your status, e.g. the popular group. Make friends with those who make you happy, or make you smile. If you make friends with people who enjoy your company, then I can personally guarantee you that you will not be teased as ‘the new kid’. Moving house is very tough! I have done it too many times and every time I have had to leave friends behind. If you persevere then you will get through it. Try to stay in contact with your old friends as well as making new friends. Don’t give up!




Dear Abby,

My parents never let me go anywhere without them! I’m not allowed to go to the movies or the shops or anywhere with my friends unless my parents are there! It’s really annoying because I want to be able to hang out with my friends on the weekends somewhere other than my house! Whenever I go to friends’ houses, my dad calls up their parents to check that I am actually there! I’m not allowed to go anywhere with boys, even if we are all in a big group and just friends. They don’t trust me at all. What can I do to get them to give me a little freedom?

From Over-protected

Dear Over-protected,

It seems that this is a tough situation that you are in. I would try letting them know how you feel. This may seem stupid, but if they care so much about you, than they will probably listen to you. If this doesn’t work, than you could always scare them! You could tell them that if you aren’t allowed to go out, then you will end up being a lonely, friendless and unemployed person who just sits at home and it will all be their fault! Hope you can resolve this one. Over! (pun intended)


 By Stephanie




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