Tomorrow, When the War Began

24 05 2011

There are those books – yes,
you know the ones. Those books that you just cannot put down. At first you may
think that they are a bit drab and boring, but once you actually open them, you
discover amazing novels beneath the covers. Tomorrow,
When the War Began
by John Marsden is just one of those books.

Set in modern times, the book
follows seven Australian teenagers in their nation’s darkest time, as it is
invaded by a foreign nation. The novel explores the characters’ journeys from
ordinary to extraordinary, as they progress from campers to soldiers, and
children to adults.

The story revolves around seven
friends who decide to go on a camping trip into the Australian wilderness and
are then thrust into a full-scale war. They learn to think maturely, kill and
survive – rebels defending their country in its hour of need.

At times, the book can seem to
be dragging on, but a twist is always around the corner in this heart-pounding
adventure. The world that Marsden produces will immerse whoever reads this book
as the characters are easy to relate. It is chilling to know that something
like this may be just around the corner.

Violent and almost depressing
at times, Tomorrow When the War Began  oozes suspense and excitement from its pages
as you tear through  just to find out
what’s in store for the teenagers. This book is a great, unpredictable and
electrifying read and that is exactly why it was made into an award-winning
movie. I recommended this novel to readers of all ages who enjoy suspense and
action. A great read.





2 responses

3 06 2011
Joshua Gibbons

I wholeheartedly agree with your review of the book. It is indeed a great read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested into this sort of thing.

10 08 2011

It was the best book i had ever read!!!!!!!!!! I love it soooooo much!!!

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