Tessa has the answer

13 05 2011

Dear Tessa

I am seeking some advice on my parents; they’re really strict
and hardly let me do anything. I just want them to treat me like a teenager,
not a toddler. If they could just understand that I’m old enough to take care
of myself. I’m 14 and I just want to go out and have some fun with my friends
without having to lie to my parents. I just want to gain their trust so they
don’t have to worry about me so much. What do I do?


Hi Frustrated

Personally, I would
try talk to them about how you feel. They are your parents therefore they
should know how you feel about everything. Tell them you don’t like how they
treat you like a kid, and you feel you should be treated more like an adult.
Just explain how you want to build your trust with them. It may seem like you
have done all these things, but the more you talk to them about it, the more
likely they will accept how you feel and let you go out.



Dear Tessa

I have some makeup issues. I don’t know whether to wear
makeup to school or not. All my friends wear it and they all look so pretty at
school. I want to look pretty like them but every time I wear it to school I
always get in trouble. My skin isn’t that bad, but it isn’t that great either.
I realise that wearing makeup will most probably make things worse at school  but I just want to feel pretty around all my
school friends.  Should I just wear
makeup even if I do get in trouble?

Makeup girl

Dear Makeup girl

If I were you, I would
talk to your parents who could talk to the teachers for you and tell them you
are self-conscious about your skin and you would prefer to wear make-up. I’m
sure if you get your parents involved or even talk to the head teacher
yourself, they will let you get away with it. I think it would be a bad habit
to keep getting in trouble for it in school when you have the choice to talk to
someone and see if you can resolve this



Dear Tessa

I really like this boy. He is just so perfect. I feel like I
can be myself around him and I know he doesn’t judge me. I don’t know how to
address him though..

I’m usually quite a confident girl, but when it comes to boys
I tend to struggle. We have been friends for ages but only now am I realising
that I like him more than a friend. I don’t know what to do. Should I confront
him or will that ruin everything. Do I address him or just leave it?



If you
really want this boy to know you like him and want more than a friendship, he
is only going to know if you tell him. If you explain your feelings, and he
rejects you, then at least you know. If he then does not want to continue the
friendship because he feels awkward, then he wasn’t that “perfect” to begin
with and you are better off without him. Take the gamble – you may be
pleasantly surprised.







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