Public transport sucks

13 05 2011

a student, I know firsthand how bad the public transport system in Sydney is.
Starting my day at 6am and usually getting home at 5pm, I am exposed to the
horrible timing and poor level of organisation of buses that the New South
Wales government is providing commuters. Trains, buses, trams, ferries, any
kind of public transport in Sydney, are all late and poorly run. Why can’t we
be like some other places around the world? I mean, in Japan a train is
considered late if it is 6 seconds behind schedule! Why can’t we have a public
transport system like that? We elect Governments that promise to correct these
things, but these are just words. All that ever happens is that a pointless
bypass or tunnel is built way over the state budget and is never used. Get your
act together, Barry.





3 responses

3 06 2011
Georgia Andersen

this is a really good topic! I hate public transport 😛 xx

3 06 2011

I also regulary use NSW Public Transport. I Completely Agree with your aticle. Great work.

3 06 2011
Jack Rodgers

Big Nath,
A legendary acount of the torture the average school student is put through as they venture to and from school.
Sincerly Jrod

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