Fans gone wrong

13 05 2011

Harry potter fans
flocked to the book stores to get the latest novel by J.K Rowling, only to be
shocked to find that their favorite character, Harry Potter, in the arms of
Hagrid, the half giant.  Dead!  “Their reaction to his is death was quite
astounding really!” a book store owner claimed.  “There were tears and hugs. It was actually

When we asked around, a local therapist exclaimed
that, “Some people take it so far as to actually say they are squibs (wizards
or witches that have no magic) and go around feeling very ashamed and sad.  Others have taken the death so badly they
have lain in bed for days crying.”

“Packed to the Rafters”  also had a death in their hands. The funeral for Melissa Rafter
(Zoe Ventoura) attracted  two million viewers
for the one hour episode. Sheridon, who is a twitter fan, tweeted that the
incredibly swift reaction is out of control. Thousands of twitter messages show
that this death is real to so many fans. Who are these people?

One of the more serious cases of fan obsession is the new releases of the
twilight saga. Kids in the street actually go up to Robert Patinson (Edward,
the main vampire) and ask him to bite them. Facebook updates talk about the
love for blood and the obsession with Edward.  Some teenage girls have even gone so far as to
dump their boyfriends because they didn’t act or look like the famous vampire.

Fan obsession has actually gone too far. If you know someone with problems
like these please call your local therapy service or the kid’s helpline. It is
actually not healthy to be comparing someone to a fictional character or
becoming depressed over a character’s death. Fiction is not reality.





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