Colin’s Advice

13 05 2011

Dear Colin

My parents are so
strict, they don’t ever let me go out to party’s if they don’t know the parents.
Even if there is no alcohol. I’m 21! Please help me.




Dear Toyoungtodrink.

You’re a legal
adult. If your parents don’t let you go to parties now, you need to sit them
down and have a serious talk with them. If they still won’t let you go out,
move out, or backhand them. Just kidding, but seriously, if you haven’t gained
your parents trust by the age of 21, then either they are very paranoid, or you
have made some big mistakes.

Hope it all works

       Collin the Echidna


Dear Colin

Are zebras black
with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Sincerely Soconfused

Dear Soconfused

Um, why are you
worrying about a zebra? Concentrate on school.

But just so you know, they
are black with white stripes.

Except for Marty from
‘Madagascar’, he is white with black stripes.


       Collin the Echidna



Dear Colin

All these disasters in the world at the moment have
me stressing. Is 2012 really coming? Are we all going to die? Or is the Inca
prophecy a fake? Please help me-  what do
I do if the world is really coming to an end?

Sincerely Toyoungtodie

Dear Toyoungtodie

This is a very
shady topic. It is really all based on opinion. Scientists did think that the
world was going to end in 1999, but it didn’t, so personally, I think it’s just
another hoax that people are getting much more worked up over than they
actually need to. Depending on your religion, these disasters could be signs of
different things. For example, the Incas would believe its signs of 2012; some
Christians believe its signs of the second coming of Christ.

Hope that has
calmed you down a bit.

Collin the Echidna


by Georgia




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