Tomorrow When the War Began

10 05 2011

Tomorrow When the War Began is the first
book in a series that is said to be ‘The best series for Australian teens of
all time’. It is written by John Marsden and is a heart pounding adventure of
seven teenagers who go on a camp during the school holidays. While they are
camping, a foreign country invades Australia and holds all the people of
Wirrawee – the town in which they live – captive.

The story starts off when the main character, Ellie, and her
six friends all go camping in an untouched valley with steep rocky cliffs
surrounding them, aptly named ‘Hell’. While they are sleeping  one night, the sound of fighter jets wakes
them. Thinking nothing of it, they finish their adventure and return home.
However, when they arrive, there is no one there. The rest of the book goes on
to follow the adventures of the seven, and how they try to sabotage the
operations of the invading side using rifles, petrol and matches.

This is the type of book that should come with a warning ‘Do
not read at night unless you are an insomniac’. The book really is that
electrifying. It has the perfect elements of suspense, action, loads of
adventure and a tiny bit of romance. It has received rave reviews from the
critics and is only the starting point of the Tomorrow Series.

There is also a movie of this book that was released in
2010. This movie also received good reviews and has proved to accurately
portray the book. There is also a sequel to the movie planned for release
within the next two years based on the next book in the series, The
Dead of the Night.





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