10 05 2011

The debate
about PS3 games (or any video games for that matter) has been going on for ever
– well since the video game was invented.
Some people may say that games are good for you while  some others argue   that
the games are bad.  Personally, I am all
for PS3 games.  PS3 games have huge

I have a PS3
and the games on it are awesome.  In the
PS3 games you can verse people from around the world online or you can play
private matches with your friends.  The
PS3 network allows you to play with your friends who are too far away to come
to your house.  In split screen play, in
some games, you can make your own multi-player offline profile on top of your
career profile.  This allows you to keep
track of your score and how many weapons or points you are accumulating.

The game
‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare  2‘  has exactly this system.  In COD you can also hold a party  where a group of people or friends join your
game lobby and then the host picks a game mode. Everybody plays on line with

For people
who really want games like COD and Need for Speed and cannot get them on
computer because they are not allowed Steam, the PS3 is a perfect option for
them. On the PS3 you can get every game on computer without having to have
Steam. Steam is a software which basically stops the selling of illegal games,
so all these big companies like EA Games and Activision love the software.  However PS3 has its own protection software
that is built-in when they are manufactured.

It is quite
clear that PS3 is a definite friend!





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3 06 2011


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