Thai beef salad

29 04 2011

As I walked through the garden, my gaze was captured by a bright, beckoning fruit. I
had never eaten this before; I never really knew why. I thought that I should
finally use it in a dish. I reached forward to grab the brightest and ripest fruit.
It had a smooth texture about it. Round and red like a cherry. I moved along
the garden, towards a corner of greenery. Small leaves, dark green and fresh,
tumbled into my basket. I kept walking through the garden, collecting as many
items as I could, wandering back to my kitchen to create my soon to be
delicious meal. As I slowly cut through the round red fruit,  juice squeezed out pressuring seeds to fall
onto the wooden chopping board. The texture, sweetness and scent of my tomato
was perfect. I pulled out the freshly picked baby spinach leaves and tossed
them around in water to clean them. I chopped a dark maroon onion and slowly
chopped it up, receiving  a slight sting
along with tears. Finally I diced up my cucumbers. I tossed all of the  vegetables into a bowl with the baby spinach
and topped it off with succulent strips of Thai beef. I had created the perfect





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