Tanielle B – an amazing journey

29 04 2011

Tanielle B is a dedicated kayaker who trains twice a day, five times a week. She kayaks one session in the morning at Narrabeen for about 15 km and then in the afternoon she does a gym session where she mainly focuses on her technique and builds up her strength and endurance. It is essential for Tanielle to maintain an athletic physic and attend every training lesson to in order to keep up. In order to maintain her physic, she needs to have a healthy balance between exercise and nutrition. Due to the amount of training she endures she needs double the amount of energy so she takes protein bars to keep her energy level up, usually consumed before a training session. Her balanced diet consists of fruit, vegetables and pasta. She encourages people to start up kayaking. In the interview she told me ‘starting off by maintaining a healthy diet and then working on kayaking in the mornings and gym in the afternoons is a great way to gradually improve and increase skill’. Her goal and ambition is to attend the 2016 Olympics. She is very conscientious, diligent and dedicated when it comes to kayaking. She knows when it’s time to focus and when it’s time to have fun and mess about. She’s aware of her responsibilities and is very reliable according to her coach. To get to the Olympics she is just going to keep maintaining her training and intake of food. Maybe increase her training as she gets closer to her goal. Tanielle prefers to work individually in terms of kayaking. She likes the independence and having control over the kayak. Tanielle also likes the thrill of winning a race. She says of herself: ‘When I’m by myself, it really boosts my confidence’. Although she is committed to her kayaking, she succeeds in managing to balance her social life, school life and kayaking life with great importance in all aspects. By Yasmin




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