Advice from Xenogene

29 04 2011

Dear Xenogene

I was invited to a cheese tasting
party with some people from school. I am trying to merge into their group to
become friends with them. The only problem is that I am lactose intolerant! I
spend my nights crying about my lactose intolerance. Please help me Xenogene.

From Not-Enough Calcium

Dear Not-Enough Calcium

Maybe you could ask your friends to provide lactose free
cheeses. There is also  medication on the
market that can increase your tolerance to higher intake of lactose. I think it
is called ‘Lacium’. It should work and you will be eating cheese at your cheese
tasting party in not time!



Dear Xenogene

I am 3 ft. tall but want to make
it to the basketball team. All my friends made it in but I can’t seem to grow.
Help me!

From Undersized

Dear Undersized

Because you’re lacking height, use your other skills. Because
you are quite small play a position that you can dribble a lot and not much
shooting. They will not be able to steal the ball of you, and if they do they
will probably foul you. You can duck between their legs and they should not even
see you.



Dear Xenogene

My dog ate my homework and I am
actually not kidding. My teachers don’t believe me and I am getting into lots
of trouble. I spent 4 hours doing the homework and I can’t find the brief
again. Please help

Sincerely yours





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