Need for Speed Shift – Real Driving!!!

29 03 2011

Need for Speed Shift

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Need for Speed Shift is just another game from the best-selling car game series Need for Speed. Need for Speed Shift made by EA Games is by far the best real driving simulator of all times.  From the very start the game is around the player’s racing career. You have to go through time trials to get under a certain time to race in the big league. When racing commences you can be either an aggressive driver or a precision driver.  Being an aggressive driver means that you bump into other drivers while overtaking, drifting around every corner, or drafting behind other cars to share their wind stream. On the other hand being a precision driver means that you do the opposite, stick to the best line, which shows up on the track, and take corners smoothly.  The graphics in Need for Speed Shift are stunning, even better than some proper driving simulators like Gran-Turismo.

Overall Need for Speed Shift would have to be one of the best car racing games ever. I would recommend it to everyone but you have to be a real car fanatic to truly embrace the game.

By Daniel




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