WILD OATS XI Sails Into Protest Storm

24 02 2011

When people think about sailing they just think you go out and steer the boat into a straight line towards where you want to go. No – this is not exactly the case. It can sometimes involve going completely the opposite way you want to go and a lot of tactical thinking.  

When you are involved in competitive sailing there is a minefield of rules and behaviours that you need to follow. There are tough choices to make. This involves climbing up masts and racing around the boat to get sails in place. There is always the danger of getting a penalty for breaking even just the smallest rule. You are at the mercy of the wind most of the time.

Wild Oats XI is a 5 times Rolex Sydney to Hobart Line honours winner. Skippered by Mark Richards in the 2010 Race, Wild Oats XI sailed into Hobart under Protest for failing to make a safety radio schedule over their HF Radio. They were protested by the race committee and given provisional line honours when they crossed the finish line. But later the next day the protest over Wild Oats XI was dismissed. All their hard-earned effort was not in vain. They were officially the Sydney to Hobart race winners for 2010.





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