Maybe he still has it …

27 07 2010


Diego Maradona, one of the past’s greatest footballers, an amazing world cup legend, is surrounded by controversies such as drug abuse and health issues.  At age 49 Diego Maradona is back. He returned to the world stage in 2008 when he joined to coach the Argentinean international team. He has now returned for this world cup and people didn’t expect a former international drug addict to possibly lead Argentina to what could possibly be a world cup victory.

When Argentina joined this world cup campaign there was a lot of criticism over Diego’s head and rightly so. He had a rather shaky start in the qualifiers. They had a lot of losses including one of the biggest losses in Argentine’s history and they had Diego fined and banned for abusing media journalists. However, Argentina managed to eventually qualify for the world cup. Now with the group stages almost over, Argentina has earned three points from three games and has only let in one goal with seven goals on the score sheet. Argentina has now qualified for the next round and will have to confront Mexico in the next round which will hopefully be a win.

Diego has also developed a great team as he has given immense attention to the likes of Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, Diego Milito, Gabriel Heinze, Juan Veron, Maxi Rodriguez and many more.  This amazing team has been great for Maradona and has given him  opportunities to develop his team even further.

So perhaps a former footbaler who took a downhill turn can now recover and become one of the most famous international coaches by leading Argentina to victory in this current world cup campaign. Maybe Diego Maradona does still have it.


By Peter




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