The Billabong Odyssey

27 07 2010


A few years ago, some of the top surfers in the world banded together and took off on a global search for that ‘perfect wave.’ They called their expedition The Billabong Odyssey, and this documentary records both the group’s formation and its first major adventures into the disturbing waters off the coasts of France, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

“The Billabong Odyssey” is more than just a series of breath-taking thrilling stunts done on enormous waves. It is also a documentary that instructs those of us who wouldn’t know a surfboard from an ironing board.  Through voice-over there are comments  by many surfers and photographers  in the team. From this we learn how surfing has changed through the decades. It shows how it is now possible for surfers to go out to monster towering waves impossible to paddle out to from the shore. We are informed as to how monster waves are formed, where they are found, and what kinds of danger they expose to those brave or idiotic enough to venture onto them. The footage is awesome. Most is taken from helicopters which is ultra cool! Teahupoo is insame, so hollow, pitching and powerful!

The film becomes a bit less-focused around the middle as the crew get lost in the crowd. Billabong Odyssey gives kids a ‘safe’ surfing film without mention of alcohol and drugs usually seen in surfing movies.  It’s entertaining for surfers but can also be entertaining for non-surfers who love action.





One response

2 08 2010
Miss Z

Very interesting Courtney, I’m looking forward to watching the Billabong Odyssey now!

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