Spud and me …

23 06 2010

Spud is my best friend. He and I have been best friends ever since I was born, but recently through situations that have developed, we are closer than ever. I love it when people say that a dog is a boy’s best friend.

A few days ago, mummy came into my room and sat me and Spud down on my bed. She then  told us that she had something very important to tell us. “Now Kids, don’t get upset over this, but I need to tell you something,” she started saying. “Your father and I are going to have a break  from each other for a while, so he won’t be living with us.”

I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and before I knew it tears were streaming down my face. “GET OUT! GET OUT!” I yelled at her. She fled.

I hugged Spud as we lay on my bed. I didn’t know what to think or what to do. All I felt was anger and pain. I don’t know how long I lay there with Spud, but it felt like forever.  Somehow amongst the pain and anger I fell asleep and woke up the next morning with the sun shining in my eyes.

I lay there for a while, thinking about what I had been told the night before. I was still so confused and worried. None of my friends’ parents were separated. I turned my head and I saw my mummy’s Bible lying by my bed. I had heard about the Bible before but had never read it. I lifted it from my bedside table and opened it.

I lay in bed reading, but I was finding it quite complicated and hard to understand. I knelt down besides my bed, just like I have seen on TV. Then I closed my eyes and prayed a little pray to God; for his help, guidance and comfort in the situation with my mummy and daddy splitting up.

After a while I got up and I decided it was time to go down stairs to face my problems.  I realized that I couldn’t just hide up in my room forever.

Spud is a wonderful friend. He has helped me face Mummy again and together Spud and I can work this problem out. He listens to all my worries and loves me unconditionally.





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