And a 1…2…3…4…

23 06 2010

Tonight is the night of the big recital. It is my one big opportunity to make it or break it. I am an

aspiring musician and  my band  and I have been working on this music for almost 4 years. We live in

the huge city of San Dieg, California and attend the local high school. In the band is me (the big black

guy with the guitar), Dave (the drummer), Sam (the bass player) and Wayne (the singer). We’re a good

bunch of guys and we work hard to achieve a lot. Don’t be put off by our “Ratbags” band name.

Tonight we have been given the opportunity to play in front of some of the biggest agents.

 As I said before we’ve been practicing for ages! And tonight we’re going to play in front of the agents

for record company labels. We have a really good chance of getting a label signing because over the last

few years we have become familiar to many local artists and musicians. At least we have some


I went to school today with a lot on my mind, knowing that the recital is my ticket to a better future. 

After the last school bell rang and we all went home to grab instruments before heading up to the hall, I

started to really panic.

Now that I am heading backstage to offload my gear I realize how packed the hall is.  Wow is it packed!

 There are so many famous musicians, some of whom I recognize.  “Ratbags, you’re on in five!” yells the

backstage manager.  We stand there in a huddle, pumping each other up. “Nice work Subside! Ratbags,  you’re on now!”  We pick up our instruments and walk out in front of the blaring lights and anticipating crowd.

 “And a 1 … 2…3 … 4…”





One response

24 06 2010
Rachel Lo

Wow what an inspiring piece. I loved your use of adjectives and the way you conveyed the story. Are you really an artists? BTDUBS i Lurrrvve (♥) the name! u should send me a demo sometime xoxox

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