Jessica Watson Sails Into Media’s Arms

22 06 2010

 One Saturday, at the age of sixteen, Jessica Watson started her single-handed journey around the world. That was on the 18th of October, 2009. But now she’s back, and the media is after her. Will her life ever be the same? Will she have the “Paparazzi” coming after her, just like Lady GaGa sings about? Will she be able to have a week without the media referring to her? Although many people would love to be in the public eye, being chased around after 210 days out at sea, where every day was a struggle, you would think Jessica would be tired and would want to rest in a comfy bed without fear for the first time 7 months.

 So are we being too harsh? Although she does deserve the recognition she worked for, is enough… enough? People are crowding around her. She can’t walk down a street without her name been shouted out aloud. Will her life ever be the same? Like the famous saying, “Never give up”, and “Anything’s possible”, Jessica’s dream has meant she can live this out. Ella’s Pink Lady was the name of her precious boat which sailed around the world. The only contact with people on land was Skype. Through this tentative contact, her family could support her, even through the biggest of waves. Jessica Watson has inspired millions to pursue their dream. It may not be to sail around the world for everyone, for some it may be to eat as many hotdogs in one minute as possible, but still she has proved that we should never give up. While the world may look up to her, put her on a pedestal, she is still Australian.

 There are many role models in the world; everyone is a role model, no matter what they do, and I think Jessica Watson is the ultimate role model at this time, a true hero. Jamie




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