Food for Thought

22 06 2010


Whilst food can be a very fattening and unhealthy, it can also be a delicious source of energy and fibre. In a recent survey about food nutrition, 41% of respondents claimed that meal planning had a large effect on having healthy meals. For example, if you prepare what you are going to have for dinner the night before, you probably won’t resort to the last minute option of takeaway or other quick, easy but fattening dinners. You don’t even have to know in advance exactly what you’re going to cook in the evening as long as you prepare the fridge with the right sorts of products like salad ingredients. You can whip up anything quickly from nutritional tins of lentils and beans. Keep healthy cartons of homemade soup in the freezer.

Have you ever wondered how long you could last without food? Well according to scientists it is possible to stay alive without food for as long as 60 days. But, without water, someone could not last more than 3-5 days. Food is an essential part of our daily life. We may as well make the most of it and prepare it properly. We can aim to have not only tasty snacks but healthy and nutritious meals too.  Get yourself a recipe book of quick, healthy meals and you’ll be a popular cook in your household.





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