Boris knows the answer …

22 06 2010


Dear Boris

At school I get bullied a lot.  I have no friends to help me because no one wants to be my friend in case they get bullied for being my friend. What do I do?


Dear Gustav

Thank you for this question.  It makes me very curious about your life. I think you should just try and be yourself – be as cool as possible and maybe a friend will emerge.  If people are afraid of getting bullied, then they are cowards and should be no friend of yours. You can always start an anti-bullying campaign and I am sure you will find other bullied people who will support you.

From Boris

Dear Boris

All my friends are getting involved in partying and they don’t do any sport. I play a lot of sport all weekend.  I am worried that if I don’t go to these parties they will think I am not cool. What do I do?


Dear Sporty

I think maybe you should just go to some of the parties. Try to vary your life so that you have a balance. If there is an important sports game, just tell them the truth, and they may understand especially when you tell them later that you won your game. You can always go to a party, make a big fuss of being seen, then sneak out the back door and hope they don’t notice you’ve gone …

From Boris

Dear Boris

I have my parents following me everywhere, making sure I am safe. They know where I am all the time.  How can I make them understand I don’t need 24 hour baby- sitting and to stop following me?


Dear Stalked

Just tell them to back off a little and explain that you if  you are old enough to cross the road or go to school  by yourself then you can be trusted with the rest. If this doesn’t work then just lie. You need to feel that they trust you otherwise you will become very insecure and you may have to stay at home for the rest of your life. This will really scare them. You will have more freedom than you’ve ever dreamt of.

From Boris








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