My dad’s hugs.

8 06 2010


A cup of hot chocolate or a soft woollen blanket is almost as comforting as the warmth of a father’s hug.  Happiness always engulfs me when Dad’s muscular arms wrap securely around me. When my dad hugs me it’s like a dome of protection;  like nothing can ever hurt me because I’m his little girl. And if something does hurt me, whether it is a small paper cut or a string of harsh words thrown at me, a small dosage of love and affection from him can almost certainly cure me.

There are tiny insignificant things that a hug can achieve … and my dad, he does all of them.  A quick squeeze or a bone-crushing bear hug, my dad does them all. It’s not just the “techniques” he uses, anyone can do that, it’s how he holds me so preciously… like I am the most fragile thing on earth. 





3 responses

10 06 2010

I like this a lot. really descriptive. 🙂 x

10 06 2010

This is a really good article, i can relate to the emotions expressed in this. I like the way you have described it.

10 06 2010

This is good. I like the description 🙂

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