Obsessive to Aggressive

26 05 2010


Although there are thousands of girls out there who claim to be Justin Bieber’s ‘number one  fan’, there is a difference between being in love with someone’s music and totally ‘obsessed’. And when this obsession turns to aggression then you have to think, ‘Why are people getting so enthusiastic over something not worth the effort?’

After Justin Bieber was discovered for his singing on Youtube, his life turned upside down. His singing talent became global after his hit single ‘One Time’ was broadcasted on radio. He released many other songs and soon teens all around the globe were falling in love. But things got out of hand after his recent tour to Australia and New Zealand when fans became impatient waiting for Bieber to arrive.

Teenage obsession has been a major issue over the past few decades. You just have to look at Beatle Mania. Sixteen-year-old Bieber, who attracts a huge number of girls, is always being talked about, rumours hound him and questions are always being asked about his place in the pop world. His size and his age are always an issue and many people are not convinced he is actually 16. Also his high-pitched voice , for a male,  has made many people wonder why girls love him so much. He seems too young to actually know what he singing about. He is trying to sing “adult” songs while looking 12 years old and sounding like a girl.

I believe fans aren’t fussed over his singing much but are really obsessed over his looks. The reason he is so popular is simply because he is supposedly “cute”, and “knows Usher”. Also many girls can relate to him because of his age and he is an idol so they feel the need to worship him regardless. When this leads to some sort of violence I think they are in trouble.

I believe we should stop obsessing over and idolizing ‘fake celebrities’ and look for artists who make music worth listening to. Ideally we should at least be obsessing over something worthwhile if we are going to bother.





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