Love Forever?

26 05 2010


Justin Bieber… is he a man or just a boy??  This is a question I already have the answer to.  Men are strong and protective; they have an explanation or an answer for everything. Somewhere along the path towards adulthood, boys realise what they truly want to get out of life. They realise when they have learnt enough about life and have experiences to fall back on to help them make decisions about their future. They know what commitment is. And Justin Bieber is not one of these men.

He is a teenage boy who writes lyrics he doesn’t understand. His songs revolve around love and forever-lasting happiness. Firstly, love is just a word until someone gives it definition. Justin has written down this word “love” and sung about it countless times yet he has never experienced it to its full potential. I’m sure that plenty of girls find him irresistible but this still isn’t even close to love. It’s an obsession. Secondly, being with someone forever is a gift. It is a commitment that one makes.  You see old couples on the park benches holding hands, dressed in old fashioned garments, and you can just feel the positive ambiance pulsating off them. They can quote years of a loving relationship.

This is something I am inspired to have in my life. I want to get married when I’m ready, to a man who I am completely head over heels in love with, growing old together. I want to hold hands on the park bench and tell my grandchildren we have been married for fifty years.  Once I know I am almost at the end of my time, I just want to spend the last remaining days or hours with him, not caring about my surroundings … happily ever after.

 But there is young Justin Bieber who has only just turned 16 and in one of his songs, “One time” the lyrics are almost unbearable as he sings “And girl you’re my one love, my one heart, my one life for sure,  let me tell you one time, girl, that I love you.”  This reiterates my point;  he is clueless. Not ready to be a man at all.





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10 06 2010

You are right about Justin Bieber being clueless. Also, in response to the lyrics, Justin Bieber recently broke up with his girlfriend. So does he really KNOW what love means?
P.S. Justin Bieber, doesn’t have the answer!

10 06 2010

Very good,
I have to agree.
But most other pop/rap/rock singers talk about ‘love’ in more then one of their songs, and these are the people who have love affairs that last one night with no mention of names. They cheat on their wife/husband, if they have one.
So should this be addressed to all singers who talk about love?

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