Adelaide Crows lose again

26 05 2010


The Adelaide Crows slump to their sixth straight at the hands of bitter rivals Port Adelaide Power at AAMI Stadium. The Crows were leading at every change until the Port Adelaide team kicked six unanswered goals in final quarter to win by 23 points. One of the few positives to come from the match for the Crows was Graham Johncock’s return to form with 22 possessions in the Crows disappointing loss.

 Many fans and media alike are putting the blame on Neil Craig and his constant choice of playing the Crows more senior players rather than their young talent.  This  is showing clearly how the Crows are playing  their game in the 2010 season – not their wisest move.

They are regularly leading in the 3rd quarter but they lose the games in the fourth quarter when their more senior players are tired, showing that they are more unfit than the younger ones. To solve this problem I think that Neil Craig should more regularly play his younger and more fit players because this would help the Crows dominate to the final siren with the same intensity that they started the game with. Also the younger players would gain valuable experience from playing with some of the best AFL players in the country.

It seems to me that if the public can work out the issues of this team, so can their coach!





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