The Day the Music Died

25 05 2010


Music is always changing! There are always new songs coming out and people are always being creative in different ways. Pop music has taken off and always dominates the singles charts.  Is it actually any good?  I think it isn’t!!  Most of the mainstream songs that come through the charts are not very good and are not interesting. They all sound the same. I believe that what they ride on are catchy tunes and lyrics that make people feel better or make them feel like every girl/guy will love them. As long as these artists are making money they don’t seem to care for quality music.  I don’t think it is right that music continually appears that sounds like rubbish while the musicians with extraordinary talent are left in the dark because they produce sounds that are not part of the popular cult.

Take Justin Bieber for example. The kid supposedly has quite a lot of talent but seems to have wasted it on the world of hip hop and pop music. It’s the same for Lady Gaga:  she has a great voice but has really not been able to use it fully because she loads her songs with techno rubbish. Go back about 20 years and you will find that everything was different. Rock and punk seemed to dominate the music scene.  Some of these musicians are not any better than you and me! Maybe that’s an exaggeration but I believe we need a mix of more non mainstream music including rock, alternative and Indie. Bring back onto the charts music that isn’t programmed and majorly edited rubbish. I believe that music is dying a sad death and has changed for the worse. I hope it is not too late to save the world from a really bad pop cult.

By Peter




3 responses

29 05 2010
Nate Shealy

I agree, great post. I run a blog dedicated to promote the passion of musicians. What I find most annoying, is there ARE some really talented people in mainstream music, they just don’t play to their strengths because that’s not what sells… Take Lady Gaga for example, I hate her music, but I saw her play the piano and it was amazing. Instead of playing to her strength, she makes cookie cutter music that sells… Check out my blog, every week I feature a song, I’d like to raise awareness of all the wonderful musicians out there. So any input you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

10 06 2010

i agree but we couldhave so many more types ofmusic we could play! for expample we could play hardstyle, hardcore and happy hardcore. they are all great types of music but they are differnent and some people may not like them, but they are great in them selves.

10 06 2010

hey thanksfor the great comment

I am really glad someone else thinks the same as me and I definetly agree with people just trying to make what sells and with the talents she has I don’t think music should be about that. By the way I like the ideaof a blog dedicated to amazing musicians.

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