The Best of Parents

25 05 2010


My parents are committed to me!  By showing me how much they care for my success and allowing me to do all the  activities that I want, they have opened up so many opportunities for me to enjoy my life.

Every day of the week my parents drive me to the places that I have to be. Like rugby on Tuesday, soccer on Wednesday and Rugby on Sunday. They cook me dinner just about every night of the week. The meals they cook are always fantastic and delicious When I need new gear and equipment for my sports they are always up for buying me the finest.

Every Sunday Afternoon they drive all over Sydney to get me to my rugby games; most nights of the week they drive me to and from sporting venues. They pay for all my sport registrations, school fees and other fees.

They are always there to support me in everything I do and they are always supportive of me trying new things. They are constantly there standing by me when I get into trouble whether it’s at school or outside of school. They don’t just bail me out, but they teach me how to be more responsible for my own actions.

They don’t push me to do anything I don’t want to do! They just want me to do my best. When I am struggling with assignments, school work and my sport they are always there to help me with what I do.

Without my parents making my life so positive and fulfilling I would not be able to play sport and attend a good school.





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