Australia had Bieber Fever

25 05 2010


Justin Beiber is not a new phenomenon, only the latest  teen heartthrob in a line of younger and younger child  celebs claiming the limelight. He is 16 though he looks twelve; he sounds like a thirteen year old, yet appeals to children at the age of 5.

Justin Beiber is a  Canadian singer whose fans were much too aggressive at his Sydney performance on “Sunrise” last Sunday. Authorities had to pull the plug during his promotional visit. Justin Beiber had caused Sydney’s Circular Quay to become over-crowded and teens became too aggressive.

Parents, children and teens were there as early as one in the morning. By two the crowd was forced to leave. Channel Seven reported that at least ten girls fainted:  there was pulling of hair and breaking of barriers.  For the fans, though,  leaving was not an option.They then made their way to the Channel Seven Sunrise Studio where Justin performed his hit song “Baby”. After the song had finished, Bieber told his fans that it was time for them to go home. The teen hit did however promised that the crazed crowd had not put him off Australia:

“Yes, for sure I will be back.” He also stated, “I love my fans … I love it here in Australia … and I want to sing.”

But what makes Justin Beiber so popular? I asked for information from a few sources; they said that Justin Bieber is so popular because he has an amazing voice and he’s “You”, the person everyone wants to be. Even better was, “He knows Usher and he’s CUTE.” Others have said, “He sounds like a girl … he looks ten … he has bad song lyrics …  and he sings.” 

For me Justin Bieber needs to learn the meaning behind his song lyrics.  He sings about things he is not old enough to understand or have experience of. I personally don’t like any of his songs and absolutely hate it if they get stuck in my head. He does look like an eleven year old and sings like a twelve year old and his fans are far too obsessed. I don’t just don’t like Justin Beiber.







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10 06 2010

I love this,, so truee. i like the last few sentences of the first para im sure many people can relate to this 🙂 x

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