The Not So Daily Column Talks About: Budget Airlines

23 04 2010

Budget airlines: Virgin Blue, V Australia, Jetstar and Tiger airways. We’ve all heard of them. But does everyone know what a budget airline is and what the consequences are of flying with them?

Most people know the show Airways in which we take a look at a day with low cost carrier, Tiger Airways. They feature people who are running slightly late or their flight is cancelled for fifteen hours. They are not compensated for it and some of them have plans to be there at a certain time. If you turn up one minute late you have to pay double the amount you paid for your original tickets and you get no money back.

 People are stupid to fly with these airlines because they are a scam! How can an airline fly with $50 tickets if another one does the exact same flight for $150. They have to be cheating or getting money for not doing anything.

QANTAS is an airline that prides itself on customer service. Tiger Airways is one that prides itslef on cheap flights but not much else. The staff work multiple jobs and are usually young and inexperienced. Food costs a lot of money; nothing is free.  There is no entertainment and you have to walk out onto the tarmac to get to your plane. No little pillows, no endless coffees and drinks, no packs to entertain the kiddies. Nada.

I think that these budget airlines should be banned, because they are a scam that no one has caught onto. They make their money by making people sad and grumpy. They are a demon inside a bunny rabbit costume and they are ready to pounce. They need to be brought to a stop!





5 responses

26 04 2010

Please note that V Australia is NOT a budget airline.

2 05 2010

This is a great article! Nice one will!

10 06 2010
Jeremy Townsend

I beleive that this conveys such a meaningful message and that we definately should be aware of these airlines. I am a highly succesful businessman so I don’t why I am on wordpress but I never fly budget beacuse I think they are a scam. And Joe, V Australia is a bidget airline. I really like this post. Great work will!

10 06 2010

good article,
but budget airlines are for people on a budget!
If you’re on time, you get a practically free flight, regardless of service!
Bring a pillow, a few snacks and you saved yourself a hundred bucks!

10 06 2010

Hello I think your post is very good and if I ever need an aeroplane ticket I will ask for your advice.

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