Les Saisies: Paradise on Ice

23 04 2010


At 1650m, Les Saisies is a perfect vacation on the French side of the Alps, in clear view of Albertville (which once held the Winter Olympics). With 70km of slopes on Les Saisies and up to 185km in surrounding areas, you will never need to take the same route. Surprisingly, Les Saisies is crowded all year long: hiking in spring and through summer, and skiing starting late autumn to early spring.  In the winter holidays it is crowded with people from as far as Spain, Germany and South Italy. Ski lessons are taught in English, French and Italian. Several restaurants are scattered throughout the mountains, some easy to get to, others exciting to get to.

The slopes rank from green and blue for beginners to red and black for experienced skiers with them all overlapping, allowing easy access to favourite slopes. All slopes are wide, allowing beginners space, time and manoeuvrability.

There are also other activities for those who wish to relax or explore the quaint village to buy famous cheeses. There are aisles of sweets to enjoy after a long ski or a dog or horse sleigh ride. There is even an adventure rollercoaster on the snow with a rise of 400m, descent of 800m and a top speed of 40km per hour which raises no questions on the name ‘Mountain Twister’.

 Finally there is a possibility to have a night ski, with one slope alight and village lights giving a magical, once-in-a-lifetime effect.                                                                              

By Michael




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