Murder in Disguise

31 03 2010


Luring me towards her, with long polished fingers,

Her sweet perfume scent stains me and lingers,

In my head and in my dreams,

Her dazzling smile bursting at the seams.

Such beauty, such passion this woman held,

She intrigued me; I was curious; our bond propelled

On a journey and into the moonlight,

She wiped my mind clean; there was no wrong and no right.

Her arms wrapped around me with greed and affection,

And all I could offer was love and protection.

Little did I know the demon inside.

The monster within she was trying to hide.

The death and destruction she could cause,

A heart put on stop, a heart put on pause.

As her long charcoal hair swept over her neck,

She hesitated, panicked and fumbled to check,

If her blade of guilt was still intact,

Her mask of a lover, visibly cracked,

Before I knew what had taken place,

My life was evaporating into space,

Looks can be deceiving, and covered with lies,

Until you look deeper, and see a murder in disguise.

By Lottie




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