Japanese Experience

31 03 2010

Japan was a lot different to what I had expected.   Before my arrival, I thought everything would be ancient and historical but I was proven totally wrong.

Walking down the streets of Narita we came across numerous old Japanese style buildings. Right next to them we would see a modern, 21st century building.  I also expected the people who lived in the city to be rude and to be pushing me out of the way, knowing that people in Japan are always busy, but even in the busiest of streets people were always polite and courteous.

One of the places I visited was Akihabara which is known as ‘Electric Town’.  Akihabara sells mainly computer hardware, electronics and anime.

The best way to visit places in and round Tokyo is to catch the trains.  These are a very quick way to get around and are always on time.

Another thing I really enjoyed in Japan were the ancient temples and beautiful landscape around them.  The temple I visited in Narita was named ‘Narita-San’.  The temple and its surrounding gardens were founded in the year 940.

The food in Japan was different to what I expected.  I thought I would see a lot of Sushi restaurants.  Most of the small traditional restaurants served a lot of noodle based meals, with the sushi being a side dish.

Japan proved to be a fantasitfc and educational experience.





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